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Dr. Storey offers general, cosmetic, and sedation dentistry. Following is a sample list of services provided by Dr. Storey and Studio Dental.

CEREC Restorations
Our practice offers the latest in comfortable, convenient dentistry with our CEREC® tooth restoration system.  Using the CEREC equipment, we can now complete a color-matched ceramic tooth restoration – filling, crown or veneer – in a single visit (WHICH MEANS NO MORE TEMPORARIES).

This technology uses bio-compatible, tooth-colored material, so your dentition won’t be discolored by silver-colored fillings. Find our more about CEREC and how it can change your life -

Porcelain Crowns
Porcelain crowns are a beautiful, long-lasting choice. The procedure involves reducing and carefully shaping the supporting tooth, creating an impression from which a model of the prepared tooth is made. Then the crown is created in a dental lab and fitted permanently by cementing or bonding in place.

Porcelain Veneers
This procedure involves permanently cementing thin leafs of porcelain onto the front of your teeth. This is the ultimate way of giving you a perfect smile. Because the veneers are sculpted in a laboratory by a master ceramist, we have total control of all the aspects of your smile. Porcelain veneers are as durable as your natural teeth, will not stain or lose the shine. They feel perfectly natural!

If you’d like to smile more confidently, knowing your teeth are their whitest and brightest, you might want to consider dentist-supervised tooth whitening. This is a simple, safe, effective and lasting way to enhance your smile. It does not harm the teeth or gums. It simply removes all the stains from your teeth so that they are as white as they naturally can be. Bleaching is available in a wide variety of methods and considerations and for various kinds of teeth. Simply talk to the doctors regarding the criteria for best results; how whitening could impact your particular situation, and which procedure will best suit your needs.

Bleaching your teeth can be done with an argon Laser (Zoom2) in one appointment. Our in- office technique makes use of a light-activated gel application, requires as little as two hours. And can improve color by 8 shades. This method also includes custom bleaching appliance and touch up material. Our less expensive supervised at-home method requires a couple of appointments for taking an impression, fitting your customized whitening appliance, and providing detailed instructions; it produces results via daily sessions over one or more weeks of wear, and may result in about 3 shade improvement as seen on the dentist’s shade scale. Consider a few things with bleaching. It will only get your teeth as white as they naturally are and some stains such as tetracycline staining are tough to bleach out. If your teeth are naturally very white, you will get an incredible result. If your teeth are naturally a little yellow, that is as white as they will become. Also, dental work and cement left from braces will not get whiter. The bleach will not whiten through plaque and tarter, so have your teeth cleaned first for best results.

Composite Fillings
Until recently, dentistry was only able to restore tooth damage using material containing metals called amalgam or “silver” fillings. Everyone had these dark fillings and we thought nothing of it. Well, things have changed! Now, tooth colored fillings made of a composite of plastic or glass/ceramic particles are used for beautiful, natural look.

This is a procedure where tooth colored filling material is layered and sculpted on top of your teeth. This allows for color changes to your teeth if you were not happy with the color after bleaching and the ability to straighten severely crooked teeth that could not be done with contouring. Its major advantage is that it can be done in a single appointment. There is a down side though. The filling material is very high maintenance. Since it is not as strong as your natural teeth it has a tendency to chip and break. It is also porous and will stain easily. Expect it to last about five years and then it will need to be touched up or redone. I use this procedure for very young patients between 12-16 years of age or if the smile needs to be enhanced quickly and we do not have time to do anything else, such as three days before a wedding or prom.

Digital Radiography
We think it is important to keep up with the latest developments and equipment in dentistry today because we see that our mission on your behalf. The new digital radiography machine allows us to take radiographs (X-rays) with up to 90% less radiation.

By using a series of clear, removable aligners, Invisalign straightens your teeth with results you'll notice sooner than you think. The course of treatment involves changing aligners approximately every two weeks, moving your teeth into straighter position step by step, until you have a more beautiful smile. And unlike braces, these clear aligners can be removed while you eat and brush your teeth as usual. Find our more about Invisalign and how it can change your life -




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